Wow! So, what do you know about slang names for male masturbation? It’s truly incredible what people come up with nowadays.​ It’s fascinating how the pursuit entertainment often leads to some of the most creative minds coming up with the weirdest of words.​

I remember when I first heard about these slang names.​ It was hilarious how I had no clue what the words meant, yet everyone was so familiar with them.​ This was also one of the first times I realized it was perfectly normal and natural to pleasure oneself.​

From the “milking the goat” to “playing the five-fingered solo”; this type of slang is quite popular among males worldwide.​ Personally, I think it’s an ingeniously funny way to express ourselves, in an otherwise very serious subject.​ It also serves to break the taboo atmosphere that often surrounds the subject of male masturbation.​

Sometimes I get excited to come up with my own creative meaning for these words.​ In fact, Penis Rings I even made up a few myself! Who even knew there were so many alternative names for male masturbation? It never ceases to amaze me.​

Some of my personal favorite are “tugging on the goalie’s jersey” and “spanking the monkey”.​ I mean, the names themselves are amusing enough! Plus, they usually come with funny stories or jokes to go along with them.​

Before long, male masturbation slang names reached the point of becoming almost a type of “art”.​ It’s amusing how every person seems to have a unique name to refer to when they talk about male masturbation.​

Of course, the most outrageous seems like “dancing with homer simpson” or “kissing the bishop”.​ It’s freakin hilarious! But, I also enjoy the “polishing the pearl” or the “820”.​ These, I think better describe how enjoyable and pleasurable male masturbation can be.​

Not to mention, the influence these pieces of slang have had in terms of helping individuals open up about the subject and be more comfortable when talking about it.​ After all, laughter and humor often provide the best form of release.​

The way I see it, slang names for male masturbation are nothing but a sign of the times.​ Take the “799” for example.​ It’s way more fun and less embarrassing for Penis Rings young adults to say rather than the generic term.​

At the end of the day, male masturbation is an ordinary, human behavior, and it’s time for us to stop stigmatizing it.​ By lightening up the tone regarding the matter through amusing slang terms, we are allowing ourselves to see the funny side of it all.​ In turn, this allows us to become more accepting about the subject.​

Now, hearing all these fun slang names made me realize that creative minds are to be applauded, and I’m not disappointed.​ From the silly ones to the downright ridiculous ones, slang names certainly spice up this universally accepted activity, don’t you think?