Wow, if anyone had asked me a few weeks ago, if you had to tell me there was an alternative to penis pumps, I would’ve just laughed.​ But here I am, face to face with this unexpected reality.​ What I’ve learned is that I’m not alone in the search for an alternative to the penis pump.​

It began with a few close friends who were curious about the possibility of a penis pump alternative.​ I’d heard about vacuum pumps, but I didn’t think it was an option.​ We looked at several products online and were surprised to find that there are indeed non-surgical alternatives.​

While the idea of a non-surgical penis pump alternative seemed promising, the reality of it seemed daunting.​ We had and still have so many questions.​ Would the alternatives be effective? What would be the long-term side effects? Could we trust that the product would work?

Fortunately, the online research revealed a few very promising products, such as the Penile Extender System, the Penis Gym, and the PeniMaster device from Germany.​ All three products have received good reviews and are backed by science.​ The three products all use a combination of tension and traction to stimulate cell growth, which helps you achieve a larger Penis Rings size while preventing damage to the penis.​

We also read a lot of testimonials and user reviews, which really helped answer some of our questions and concerns.​ We found out that the PeniMaster device in particular is a great non-surgical alternative to a penis pump.​ It’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, and the results from using it are quite impressive.​

The thought of deciding which of these products would best suit our needs was overwhelming.​ We had to read up on all the features and vibrators benefits of each product and consider our individual needs.​ In the end, we all chose the PeniMaster because of its superior comfort and convenience.​

Now, when it came time to actually use it, we all had a few reservations.​ We wanted to make sure that we were doing it properly and that it wouldn’t cause any harm.​ We read up on all the instructions and learned all the basics.​ We also read up on the various safety features of the PeniMaster and the other brands and decided it was safe to use.​

Using it was actually pretty simple and easy.​ All three devices can be adjusted to your desired level of tension and we found that using it for only a few minutes a day yielded impressive results.​ The results weren’t instant, but over the course of a few weeks, we could all visibly see an increase in size and girth.​

We were all really pleased with the results, which were both fast and long-term, and we no longer feel the same pressure to use a penis pump.​ The non-surgical alternatives have allowed us to achieve results that were just as impressive as those of a penis pump without any of the risks associated with surgery.​

I’m so glad that we looked into non-surgical alternatives.​ Finding the various products and reading through the reviews gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed to make the best choice and take action.​ We all know now that there are viable alternatives and, in some cases, they can be just as effective as a penis pump.​