Wow, I think I told you about my latest exploration into the world of male masturbation types? Well, I can’t believe the plethora of options available for the modern man! From the traditional hand held to the vibrating silicone replicas, the possibilities seem endless.​

The first type I discovered is the manual variant.​ This is where the man uses his hand to pleasure himself.​ It’s a classic, very simple, and extremely effective.​ Men have been doing it for thousands of years so I got the feeling I was tapping into something very primal and satisfying.​

China Realistic Sex Doll Products Child Siliocne Mini Love Dolls - China Child Love Dolls and ...Second on the list is the shower head technique.​ This involves simply pointing the showerhead away from your head and towards your nether regions.​ The pressure can be very stimulating and even orgasmic, depending on your preference.​

Third, I decided to try using the pleasurable contents of the freezer.​ This makes use of icy cold items like ice cubes, bags of frozen vegetables, and even frozen lollies, which can produce a delightful tingle down there.​

Fourth, I found out what a Fleshlight was and I had to try it out.​ This was one of the more intense experiences I’ve had.​ It’s essentially a shaped, soft silicone sleeve filled with lubricant that simulates the feel of real skin.​

The fifth method I discovered was the use of vacuum technology.​ Now don’t be alarmed.​ This type of masturbation device is actually quite safe and even comes with safety recommendations.​ It wasn’t too long ago I found out that it is a popular option for some men.​

Sixth, I took a break from the multiple forms of self-stimulation and decided to introduce some sexual aids.​ Sex toys such as penis rings and penis pump can assist with improved circulation for increased pleasure and can even help improve the size of your manhood.​

Finally, I discovered the wonders of sensual oils and lotions.​ Specialty products exist just for the purpose of providing additional pleasure during masturbation.​ The oils slides your hand smoothly along, while the lotions provide a surrounding cushion of warmth.​

Phew, I feel like I was on a never-ending journey.​ As it turns out, male masturbation types have come a really long way! Who knows what’s next! Next, I experimented with music.​ I created a personalized playlist with a range of different tunes, to make for a more atmospheric – and intense – experience.​ Listening to acoustic bass helped me to focus on the physical sensation.​

I decided to try out the kind of spanking that is associated with BDSM to add to the experience.​ This involved a massage wand fitted with a special attachment, and it felt unexpectedly uncomfortable but surprisingly stimulating!

I ended up buying a masturbator in the end.​ This is the type of toy made specifically for guys who love masturbating.​ It simulates the feel of a real vagina, and it was definitely an interesting way to spice up my solo play.​

I experienced some truly unique types of male masturbation and even discovered a few new ones too.​ Edging is a technique that involves having a slow build up, to delay orgasm as long as possible.​

Group masturbation is also becoming more popular, and it involves gathering with other people and masturbating at the same time! It was interesting to experience this kind of collective pleasure.​

Finally, I rediscovered the mysterious phenomenon known as nocturnal emission also commonly referred to as a wet dream.​ It’s an unpredictable dream that can leave you feeling unexpectedly aroused and can result in an orgasm or ejaculation.​

I also checked out some items that are designed to improve the user’s grip on their penis, such as an adjustable Penis Rings grip.​ Not only do these devices make it easier to get a firmer grip (especially when wet), but they also come with specialized attachments for extra stimulation.​

And of course, there’s also the option of using lube for more slippery and enjoyable sensations.​ There’s a wide variety of lube products out there, so it’s important to do research to find the best product for you.​

I’ve also discovered a few techniques that involve the use of objects made of a variety of materials, such as textured objects, for creating more variety in sensation.​ For example, I found a penis sleeve that has external bumps and ridges that help create an even more stimulating experience.​

And I also tried out the concept of using a masturbator with a vibrator built in.​ This type of toy is designed to simulate the feeling of a real partner, with vibrations providing an extra level of stimulation.​

Finally, there’s the popular prostate massager that helps to stimulate the sensitive area near the man’s anus.​ I found out that this area can be highly pleasurable for a guy, and this type of tool can really help him get the most out of this type of stimulation.​

So I guess you could say I experienced quite a few kinds of male masturbation.​ It’s been an interesting journey.​ I mean, who would have thought that there are so many creative and sophisticated options out there for men seeking variety in their solo pleasure sessions?