world record for male masturbation

Well, it’s been a little while since I have shared something with you but, boy, do I have something wild to tell you.​ As unbelievable as it may sound, the world’s longest recorded masturbation session happened in Tokyo, Japan and it lasted nine hours and thirty-three minutes! It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the stamina that this man must have had!

With that kind of dedication I’m impressed and also kind of envious.​ We have all had days when it’s hard to stay focused on a task, let alone for nine hours! If there is ever a record for commitment and discipline, then this man certainly deserves a medal.​ As fascinating as this feat is, there might just be an even more baffling champion.​

In 2012, two participants of a male self-pleasure race in California, USA, competed to see who could keep going longer.​ As if the goal of these two men wasn’t crazy enough, the crowd cheered them on and donated to their donations box left beside the stage.​ Guess who emerged victorious?

The winner of the race kept going for an amazing twenty-four hours straight! That’s one whole day of masturbation – not to mention risking immense embarrassment in the process.​ He was even declared the official world record-holder for Masturbation at the time.​

Although these world records are impressive, they can also be discouraging.​ Only a very few of us can physically and emotionally endure such seemingly unattainable feats.​ I don’t know about you, but I have decided to focus my energy on simply enjoying personal self-pleasure.​ Who’s with me?!

Unless we try to up our pleasure game, there’s no way we can break the record – and sex dolls that’s okay! As long as we continue to discover new ways to make ourselves and future partners feel amazing, then we’ve got nothing to worry about.​ We can only improve our technique as most men can attest to.​

Whether we masturbate for the sake of pleasure, for medical reasons or out of our own curiosity, we can enjoy ourselves in the privacy of our homes or even with a partner.​ We don’t have to feel pressured by our own or anyone else’s expectations.​ Today’s era is filled with sensual images and erotic stories – so why not explore and get lost in the fantasy?!

We all have individual limits when it comes to self-pleasure and as long as we don’t try to reach the next level, then we really have nothing to worry about.​ Masturbation is a completely understandable ritual that’s often done in private – and it’s entirely up to us to make it something enjoyable.​

Modulation techniques can be used, such as edging or teasing ourselves to just the right intensity.​ We can also set the mood with candles or aromatherapy.​Rudimentary toys are also available – vibrators, rings or even condoms! We are no longer confined to basic hand-play and, as long as we stay safe, we will be just fine.​

I also firmly believe that, despite the distances between us and our loved ones, we can still find ways to enjoy ourselves.​ All we need is a little imagination.​ Fantasies can get us to the highest peaks in pleasure and provide us with the self-love that we all deserve.​ So, honour that connection and let yourself go wild!