why do girls buy dildos

Okay! Where do I start. So I had a friend recently ask me why women buy dildos which kind of got me thinking. As a woman myself, I never really questioned why I do something I really enjoy and am now more openly talking about my experience with these fun toys.

At first I was taken aback by the question. Why would any woman buy a dildo? But as I thought about it more, it started to make complete sense to me. Why not enjoy the pleasure I’m entitled to? Sure, there are loads of other great sex toys out there, but the dildo will forever remain one of the most popular and iconic pieces of adult bedroom decor.

See, I think that many woman buy dildos as a way to take things into their own hands. It can be a completely comfortable and empowering experience, providing that ‘aha’ moment kind of feeling. Not to mention it being an effective way to get what you want in the bedroom. No more worrying about how your partner is performing or if you’re going to finish.

I think women nowadays, especially, are really trying to break away from the taboos around female sexuality and sexual pleasure. Buying a dildo can be that first step in achieving that. We are owning our sexuality and how we like to get pleasure.

Plus, it’s not just about the physical pleasure. For me it’s also such an incredibly satisfying mental experience. There’s a level of control I have that I didn’t have before and it is liberating. I’m in complete control of my sexual pleasure and I’m confident in my preferences knowing no one else’s opinion really matters when it comes to it.

I think a lot of women do enjoy taking their time with it. Dildos can be as gentle or as intense as you want and can be enjoyed either solo or with a partner. I think that sense of flexibility is really attractive to many woman because no two people are alike and no one has to conform to one type of pleasure.

The only complaint I have about dildos is the sometimes outrageous pricing! Sure, there are cheaper alternatives out there but some of the top-of-the-line items can be really pricy. I guess I can justify it because your pleasure is worth every penny but it can be a bit of a deterrent for some.

The thing about dildos is that they give you an enormous range of pleasure, without the commitment of a relationship. You can experience sexual pleasure without the hassle of having to please a partner. They are a great way to explore and discover your own preferences without any pressure from anyone but yourself.

IS 6276: Flexible Shafts Used in Concrete Vibrators : Bureau of Indian Standards : Free Download ...And that’s really why I think women buy dildos. To explore and discover, in the privacy of their own home, what has long been seen as a taboo topic throughout history. It’s been a long time since we have been able to do this and I think that knowledge of our own sexuality is so important. We can now enjoy it without feeling like we are doing something wrong or shameful. I think that’s the beauty of the dildo.