When it comes to male aspies and masturbation, it’s easy for me to relate.​ I’m an adult male aspie, and sometimes all I feel like doing is taking care of myself.​ Sure, it’s a little awkward at first, but hey, it’s the norm, right?

When I was a teen, masturbation didn’t feel so comfortable to me.​ I wished I could talk to someone about it.​ I was too embarrassed to even ask, though.​ I was scared of judgment and of being called a freak or something.​ Thankfully, these days I know better and have more self-confidence to talk about it.​

Masturbation is a normal and healthy thing.​ I’m so glad I can openly talk about it with my friends and not feel ashamed.​ I feel more liberated and empowered to do the things I want.​ I know it’s not ‘weird’ to do it anymore.​ And with the right approaches and techniques I can make masturbation way more enjoyable.​

Sometimes I use sex toys like vibrators and dildos to make myself feel even better.​ It does wonders for stress relief and even my social skills.​ It’s something only I can do for myself- a special type of self-care.​ I’m grateful for having an outlet when I get overwhelmed and just want to be alone.​

When it comes to male aspies and masturbation, I’m often asked what my experience is like.​ It’s definitely different from the typical male experience, because of the way our brains work.​ Some male aspies can find it difficult because the physical sensations can overwhelm us, and we might have communication and intimacy issues.​

But for me, masturbation is still great.​ I’ve learned how to direct the sensations in a positive way.​ I take time to become comfortable with the idea and indulge in my fantasies.​ I build up the anticipation slowly and focus on the feelings that heighten the pleasure.​ It’s a form of therapy for me.​

I personally believe that male aspies should celebrate themselves and experience the pleasure of being with ourselves.​ Life can be hard, and it’s okay to take this time out and give ourselves the attention we need.​ Masturbation is a way to show ourselves some love and make ourselves feel good.​

It’s also a way to connect with our bodies.​ Often, aspies have issues with disconnection, but through masturbation, we can get in touch with pleasure and joy.​ Plus, it helps us figure out what kind of feelings we enjoy and want to experience with a partner, if that’s something we desire.​

Masturbation also helps us learn communication skills in a safe and private setting.​ We can find our own personal language to express the kinds of physical interactions we want and don’t want, and that can be really helpful when it comes to interacting with partners in the future.​

I used to be really embarrassed about talking about masturbation but I’m glad that’s changed.​ I’ve learned to talk about my needs and desires more confidently, and I’m really proud of that.​ Taking the time to get to know myself and give myself the pleasure I need is something to be celebrated.​