what sex toys should my wife get for me

I’ve been married to the same woman for five years and counting. We have a solid, loving relationship and our sex life has always been great. So, sex toys you can imagine how excited I was when my wife recently suggested investing in a few sex toys. I had heard of them before, of course, but never really considered getting any for myself. I was intrigued and began to do some research so that I could come up with the perfect present for us both.

After looking at all the options, I realized that there were way more options than I ever imagined. There were vibrators, anal beads, dildos, handcuffs, lubes, and a bunch more toys that I didn’t even know existed. I was overwhelmed, to say the least.

My wife, being the supportive and helpful partner she is, knew that I was starting to get a bit overwhelmed with all the choices and sat me down to ask more about what I wanted. After a bit of discussion, I decided to go with a few smaller items to start off with; a vibrator and a few anal beads. Apparently these were really popular and a great way to start experimenting with sex toys.

The vibrator was my favorite purchase out of the two. I was kind of scared of using it at first but the vibrations felt amazing, and with a bit of practice I was able to control them just the way I wanted. It felt empowering to be in control of the experience and make my wife feel even more pleasure than usual.

The anal beads were the next item on our shopping list and I was a bit apprehensive, initially. Not being familiar with how they would feel, I was initially a bit intro the idea. But let me tell you, once I got used to them, I was extremely glad that we got them. They honestly felt amazing each time they came in contact with my most sensitive spots.

Now that I am an experienced sex toy shopper, I have some advice for other couples in the same situation. I recommend doing some research beforehand and finding the toys that will work best for you and your partner. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed with all the choices and make the process smoother. Don’t be afraid of trying something new either; you never know what type of pleasure they may lead to. Lastly, make sure to talk to each other throughout the process; it’s important to be open about likes and dislikes to make it more enjoyable for both of you.

My wife and I are now very happy with our selection of sex toys; they have added a whole new level of excitement and pleasure to our bedroom activities. And to be honest, sex has become a lot more fun for the both of us. We also know that if one day, either one of us wants to try something else, there is no shortage of options to choose from.

I’m personally curious about trying out a few more sex toys in the future, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my wife was too. Who knows what type of pleasure we’ll discover next? I guess we’ll just have to keep exploring and find out!