were sex toys a thing back then

New Wireless Remote Control Waterproof C Type Dual Vibrator Clitoral G Spot Stimulator Vibrators ...Sex toys have been around since ancient times, but they weren’t publicized like they are today. We have come a long way from those humble beginnings in ancient Greece and Rome. When I think back, were sex toys around ‘back then’?

I’m sure if I asked my parents – they’d deny ever having seen a sex toy in their lifetime! But I know better!

I remember my grandmother recounting a story of a time in her youth where she caught her grandmother using a “marital aid”. I guess I can share the story with you?

If you are uncomfortable hearing the whole sordid tale, you can just imagine a world where people didn’t talk about sex let alone talk about sex toys! It was a world where hand-held “marital aids” were called “bed tools”.

It wasn’t something you ever talked about or even whispered about. It was a taboo subject that you only discussed in hushed voices! Sure enough, my grandmother caught her grandmother with a “bed tool” and was both shocked and ashamed! She was so embarrassed that she made her grandmother swear not to tell anyone and never to use it again!

I’d like to think things have changed now, but I suppose there is still a level of shame and embarrassment attached to sex toys. Today, we are more enlightened and more open to conversation about sex and the healthy tools to help us enjoy it. We use terms like dildos, vibrators, anal beads, and cock rings.

Yet, even with this newfound discussion and openness, there still seems to be a stigma around sex toys. We still blush a little when asked about sex toys or when talking about them in a social setting.

But, thankfully, we have come a long way from ‘back then’. We are now aware that sex toys are not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about – they are healthy tools to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Though I’m sure my grandmother’s grandmother didn’t tell anyone – I’m glad I know know that sex toys have been around for a long, long time. And I’m also glad that we are now in a place of acceptance and openness when it comes to sex and pleasure.

While sex toys have been around for centuries, only in more recent times have we begun to realize their many benefits and to truly understand and appreciate their importance in the bedroom. We now understand that sex toys can not only add a layer of fun and excitement to our sexual adventures, but can increase our sexual satisfaction and even help us learn more about ourselves and our pleasure.

We now have access to so many different types and varieties of sex toys – from simple massagers, to dildos and vibrators, to cock rings and anal beads. Whatever we desire, whatever we want to explore, there’s likely a toy that can help us explore it!

We have become much more open and less ashamed about using sex toys, far different than it was before. We now understand that sex toys aren’t something to be embarrassed or ashamed of – they are just tools to help us enhance our sex lives.

It seems that sex toys have become more and more socially acceptable, and this is a good thing because it puts them into the same category as other activities we do to enhance our lives, from making art to learning yoga. We can now view sex toys as just another way to make our lives more pleasurable and exciting!