step sister uses penis pump

I had no clue that my step sister was into something like this.​ I mean it had to be out of the ordinary for her to be so involved in it.​ When I found out, I thought it was a little strange.​ She had a penis pump and was talking about it like it was the latest rage.​

At first, sex toys I was a bit taken aback.​ I mean I knew she was exploring her sexuality but this seemed to be taking it a bit too far.​ I thought maybe she was just experimenting.​ I asked her why she was doing it and she said it made her feel good.​

China 160cm Freckle Girl Love Doll Life Size Young Girl Real Sex Doll - China Love Doll and Real ...I was really curious so I asked her how it worked.​ She explained the process in detail.​ Apparently the pump sucks the penis in and then creates a vacuum that lasts for several minutes.​ The idea is to get your blood moving and increase sensitivity in the genital area.​ It supposedly gives you a unique sensation.​

The next day, she invited me to try it out.​ I was hesitant because the whole thing made me really nervous but I didn’t want to miss out on the experience.​ Plus, she seemed excited so I thought I’d give it a go.​

To my surprise, it was actually a really nice experience.​ I was initially worried that it would be painful or uncomfortable but it wasn’t.​ In fact, it was quite pleasurable.​ After the session, I felt tingling all over my body and I felt incredibly relaxed.​

I was really impressed by the whole experience and I told my step sister as much.​ I asked her how long she had been into the whole penis pump thing and she told me she had been experimenting for a few months.​ I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard about it sooner.​

My step sister also told me a few tips and tricks she has learned such as using lube to reduce friction, using lighter suction for more sensitive areas and different techniques to get the maximum pleasure out of each session.​ I was amazed at how much she had learned in a short period of time.​

We talked more about the penis pump and my step sister gave me more advice and tricks to make the experience even more enjoyable.​ She suggested using different accessories to enhance the sensations, like adding a vibrator, using rope to stimulate multiple areas and experimenting with different styles and sizes of pumps.​ I was really intrigued and excited to explore the possibilities.​

We went shopping for some new penis pumps and accessories and had a lot of fun trying them out.​ We tested out different kinds and sizes to find the ones that suited us best.​ In the end, we both found something we were happy with and can use for our next session.​

The next time we get together, we plan to use our pumps and talk about our experiences.​ We are trying to be creative and come up with new ways to make the experience even better.​ We’re looking to explore different ways to maximize pleasure and even increase the intensity.​ We want to find new ways to enjoy each other and make sure we never get bored.​ We also want to get more creative and explore the different possibilities.​

The more I talk to my step sister, the more I realize how amazing and adventurous she is.​ I don’t think I would have ever guessed that she’d be into something like this.​ At first, I was hesitant but now I’m excited to explore and discover all the different ways of using a Penis Rings pump.​ I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with and how much pleasure it can bring.​