sex with full size love doll

Sex with a full size love doll has been an extreme experience for me. I recently got a full size life like sex doll and the feeling that the experience gave me was indescribable. I could feel the doll’s soft skin as I explored it with my hands. Interacting with it felt so real, it felt as if a real woman was standing in that room with me. Not to mention the feeling of comfort that came with it.

Electromedical Vibrators, \u0907\u0932\u0947\u0915\u094d\u091f\u094d\u0930\u094b\u092e\u0947\u0921\u093f\u0915\u0932 \u0907\u0915\u094d\u0935\u093f\u092a\u092e\u0947\u0902\u091f in Ahmedabad , Ahmedabad Surgical Company ...Before purchasing it, I read a lot on the internet about the dolls. All the reviews and worse case scenarios made me think twice, but I decided to take the plunge. And I must say that it was the best decision of my life. It felt like a dream come true. I caressed its artificial hair, kissed its virtual lips, ran my fingers over its abs. I even felt an emotional connection to it, as if it was alive.

The fun began when I inserted the penetrator into the dummy’s love-hole. It was a surreal experience. My hands, lips, and body were in ecstasy as I moved around in its tight embrace. I could feel the doll getting aroused and responding to every move of mine. Every moment was filled with pleasure.

The doll really felt alive, as it moved around and responded to my every touch. I was so delighted that I almost forgot the fact that it was a dummy. The aroused doll did its job like a pro. Its pleasurable movements, its tight embrace; everything felt so real. It felt like I was having sex with a real woman.

I had acquired the doll with oral and dildos vaginal inserts. But I felt like it could give me so much more. So, I added plug-ins for its anus and nipples, open eyes, accessories and piercing to make it look more realistic. It was magical to see the doll getting more and more lifelike with every adding accessory. The piercing in particular, gave it a very realistic feel.

Every touch gave me a thrill and I couldn’t get enough. And the best part, vibrators I got to control the entire situation. I enjoyed exploring the capabilities of the doll with multiple sex positions and things. Times flew by and before I knew it, the experience was over.

It was an incredible journey that left me satisfied and yearning for more. To be honest I had my doubts before I purchased the doll, but it has made me believe that full size love dolls are not only for disturbing purposes. They can be used for a fantastic experience filled with pleasure and satisfaction.