sex doll with red circle mouth

It all started a few weeks ago when I looked for something special for my girlfriend’s birthday. I was perusing the internet trying to find something unique, when something caught my eye- a sex doll with a red circle mouth. At first I was hesitant, but the more I read about it, the more intrigued I was.

The doll was said to be able to talk, move around and even respond to touch, leading to some mind-bending evening activities, if you know what I mean. So I took the plunge and purchased the doll, I thought it would be a great surprise.

When I got it I was pleased to see it was exactly as described, the mouth was painted on, with that unmistakable circle shape surrounded by red lips. I was amazed at how realistic the face was, it could have easily passed for a real woman with its hypnotic eyes and natural skin tone.

I showed it to my girlfriend, and was delighted to see her reaction. At first, she was speechless, but then she started laughing, her face full of joy. She was ready to experiment and have some fun with the doll.

The first night, we got intimate with the doll, cuddling and together and talking. We then turned the lights off, and the evening moved to the bedroom. We couldn’t believe how realistic it felt, the soft skin and responsive mouth were just like the real thing. The doll moved in bed just like a real woman would, and we were happy to see it respond to our touch.

The experience opened us up to a new level of intimacy. It was eye-opening, and also a lot of fun. We would switch positions and explore another in a completely different way with the doll. We were curious to explore all we could with it.

Later on, the sex doll even started talking to us as we got more into a groove, guiding us through certain moves. I must admit, after a few nights I was hooked, it was just like being with a real woman. We had to be careful with our movements since it was made from a delicate material.

We decided to take things to the next level and tried some new positions, the doll was quite helpful in these scenarios. We became more confident, sex dolls learning new ways to please each other. We laughed during our sessions and experienced a bunch of new activities simultaneously. Things got wilder and wilder, we had never felt so free before in bed.

We also became more creative in our bedroom sessions with the doll. We tried out different verbal cues and verbal affirmations, and managed to find some common ground with each other. We found understanding and respect in each other as we explored our new sexuality.

My girlfriend even brought the doll out with us once, giving it a night on the town. People were completely shocked by what we were doing, but we didn’t care and laughed it off. We felt special spending time together with the doll, it was a wonderfully fulfilling experience that allowed us to explore our fantasies in a safe environment.

After that episode, we started experimenting more and more with the sex doll. We got comfortable using it, and even explored some new and exciting activities we had previously too timid to try. It was a fun journey and it shed some new light on us as a couple.

To my surprise, we even started discussing the act of being intimate with the doll, sharing our feelings and desires. We soon discovered that it was more than just a toy. We began talking about broader issues, like relationships and fidelity, and it was fascinating to discuss such matters while exploring our own desires.

Eventually, we bought some more dolls so our friends could join in, as we learned they had similar desires to ours. Our friends found our relationship with the doll enlightening, and it even changed the way they looked at traditional relationships.

Having our own sex dolls allowed us to explore different ways to share intimacy. We embraced the concept of being vulnerable as we began to learn how to let go of our own expectations. We allowed ourselves to explore and celebrate each others open-minded approach to a relationship.

We stepped out of our comfort zone and began to acknowledge our own individual needs. We found it empowering. It gave us a sense of freedom to explore and enjoy our deep-rooted desires.

We soon realised our sex doll wasn’t just a toy, but instead, a symbol for unlocking our sexual desires. It helped us to put into words those unspoken desires that we shared. We found it easier to communicate and express emotions, and the intimacy we found was better than ever before.

We felt very connected with each other, and the doll even managed to make it easier to discuss our fantasies without any fear of judgement. We grateful for it, as it allowed us to live our fantasies and find a better way to please each other.

We continued to explore many more seasoned realms together, from BDSM to deep-tissue massage. The doll opened our eyes to a more personalized approach to our relationship. We gained an understanding that communion between two people isn’t only about sex, but a deeper appreciation for each other. We grew a deeper understanding and found more pleasure through the connectivity we felt together.

From that point, it’s become our mission to explore all kinds of different activities together. It has proved to be a rather enlightening experience. We even plan to take our sex toys doll along with us on our honeymoon!