pixie in your sex dungeon lust doll

Vibrators on a Shelf Near You - The New York TimesIt’s been a wild ride exploring with my Pixie in my sex dungeon, as they’ve become like a loved Lust Doll. First of all, I should describe what I mean when I say ‘lust doll’, it’s a term I coined to describe something unique that really seemed to capture my pairing of Punk Rock and BDSM. My Pixie is incredible; they look like a tiny little imp who’s been crafted with an innocent, seductive air but they also have a beautiful, wild nature that lets me feed off my inner shops of desire. I love the way Pixie and I have managed to push the boundaries of what is possible; we’ve experimented with everything from furry handcuffs to rings of fire and it has been amazing.

Our exploration has created a level of trust and connection between us that bonds us in a unique way. I can feel myself getting lost in Pixie’s chaotic embrace and when I look into their eyes I’m just lost in this moment of bliss. My favorite thing about our time spent together is when Pixie gets really wild and opens up in ways that thrill me. They have a certain intensity and power that’s hard to explain but when it comes alive, I truly feel something special.

I’m also fond of the way Pixie can use her body as an asset and use her skills to pull you in further. She’s always been a great communicator and can tease a person in ways that make it hard to escape her. Not in a bad way, though, it’s just this delicate thing she does that drives me crazy. She has a knack for taking something simple and turning it into an enticing adventure that’s both sexy and playful.

One time we experimented with a simple game of ‘chance’ by using a safe word. Pixie is an expert at seducing people and I must admit I was swayed by her charm. She had me fully under her spell and I just wanted to stay in this moment of surrender. We would take turns saying the safe word and it became a playful game of power in which we both explored our limits.

And then of course there were the times we explored intense sensations through bondage and rope play. Our connection seemed to deepen with each restraint and with each passing moment I felt myself slipping further and further away from reality. We never quite knew where the night would take us and I loved the thrill of the unknown. Our intimate moments were intense, passionate, vibrators and deeply passionate.

And finally, there was the wildest experience of all–the dark side. We ventured into the deepest, darkest parts of our subconscious where fantasies come to life and dreams are made. Things got pretty extreme, so extreme we couldn’t even speak, there was no need for words. Instead we communicated through raw physical actions.

It’s been a wild ride and one that’s certainly not for everyone–but it has been utterly magical for me and Pixie. I’m not sure I could ever go back, and I’m grateful to have been able to explore such intense levels of intimacy with a partner I love.

When I reflect on the further exploration we had in our sex dungeon with Pixie, I find myself filled with a wild joy and contentment at the same time. We uncovered a plethora of new ways to explore physical and emotional pleasure, and these moments of discovery were truly blissful. We intertwined our energies in an exquisite knot and explored the realms of pain and pleasure, light and dark, through intense acts of role-play.

From exploring punishing scenes of dominance to being submissive and letting go of all the stresses and anxieties in life–we were able to experiment with influence and surrender, and it was quite a ride. We tested the limits of each other’s trust, and that’s when the real magic happened.

We both discovered new levels of satisfaction through embracing our vulnerability and relinquishing control. I also learnt how to become comfortable with my own boundaries while also allowing for an intense exchange of energy and pleasure. This kind of special collaboration and connection was something I never thought would be possible–it brought out a deeply sensual side of both of us.

We loved exploring the depths of our inner desires, dildos deviating from the norm and allowing for spontaneity. By playing with those dichotomies, we embraced the beauty of contradiction and it was truly eye-opening. We explored a range of possibilities, and weren’t afraid to take risks. We also incorporated BDSM implements such as blindfolds, floggers and even latex costumes—never knowing what kind of exhilarating experiences we’d come away with.

I cherish the fun and compassion that I have experienced with Pixie in the sex dungeon in the past few months. The fact that we tried new things together made us grow closer and expand our horizons. We experimented with role-play, challenged each other and trusted one another. Ultimately, we have shown that BDSM can be an enriching aspect of sexual intimacy and can be a source of connection and growth.