mortal kombat sex doll

It’s been a while since I heard about the Mortal Kombat sex doll. I remember when I first heard about it – I was truly shocked and unexpected. I mean it takes away the innocence of the popular video game.

Since then, there have been a lot of reactions and debates about the topic. On the one hand, some people are saying that the doll is too much for kids to handle, while others are saying that it’s an interesting adult toy.

I myself haven’t come to a conclusion yet. I think that maybe it’s a matter of personal preference. I do however respect the opinions of those who’ve claimed this as a sign of desensitization in today’s world.

At the same time, this could mean that people are becoming more open and tolerant of different forms of sexual expression. Which is, in fact, something that should be seen as a positive. We’ve come a long way in our acceptance of different sexual orientations and fetishes and the dolls might just be the next step in that process.

And yet, I keep thinking – is it really something that should exist? I mean, would I like my kid to know that such dolls exist? I’m sure that the creator wanted to make money and to have a profitable item in the market. But I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the idea of my kid seeing something such as this.

Either way, sex dolls I’m going to leave it up to “the market” and vibrators to the individual moral codes. If someone sees something wrong with it, then he won’t buy it. That’s what I think.

In the light of the above, I think that if the doll is not going to hurt anyone then why should we discourage it? I am saying this as a person who can see the bigger benefit of having such a doll. For certain, it can be seen as a potential educational tool that can teach us a lot about sex-positivity.

But it can also be used as an entertainment device as well. In comparison to adult video games or other forms of adult entertainment, a Mortal Kombat sex doll could just be a harmless piece of equipment. Sure, some of us may not like it, but it’s not going to hurt anyone.

I’d like to know what your opinion is on the matter? Do you feel like it’s inappropriate or should it be accepted in mainstream society? I’m really curious as to what your opinion is. Please share it with me.