male masturbation couple

As I listened to the laughter of the other couples around me, it slowly began to dawn on me that I wasn’t the only one in the room to have used male masturbation as a form of foreplay in the bedroom.​ I asked around and it happened that many couples had tried it out, and they were all admitting to finding it enjoyable.​ Definitely a lightbulb moment – sure I knew that men masturbated, but it hadn’t really occurred to me that it could be a real bonding experience between couples.​

At first I was slightly embarrassed, having never really discussed it or been honest about my experience.​ Slowly though, as I talked more I realized it was a really positive thing and it felt like a kind of liberation – who wasn’t excited to discover they weren’t the only ones to have tried it! I began to really appreciate the freedom it allowed us too – to explore a side of ourselves, roles and fantasies that would possibly have never been explored in a regular marriage.​

We decided to start small, but from there on out, male masturbation quickly became the staple of our bedroom games.​ Not only did it bring us closer together, but it allowed us to become more open with each other.​ I started to feel more freedom with my partner, and I was soon able to really let go and be authentic in the bedroom.​ We threw caution to the wind and didn’t be shy about trying out new ideas and fantasies.​

It was really great to begin to experiment more and be able to surprise each other.​ I mean, who doesn’t like the thought of being in the dominant role with their partner, electronic penis enlargement pump or being the one to take control? All these new fantasies allowed us to express ourselves on a deeper level, exploring and understanding each other’s needs and desires.​

The idea of male masturbation has opened up a whole new exciting world for us and has become more than just a bedroom toy, it’s become a way of life.​ We’ve encouraged each other to let go of any of our inhibitions and explore with wild abandon.​ We’ve created a safe space where all our ideas and fantasies can be expressed in a judgement free environment.​ It was a kind of freedom that I hadn’t experienced before, and it’s something that I now encourage all couples to experience.​

In our own relationship, I’ve seen the benefits of male masturbation help strengthen the bond between us.​ I’ve felt more connected to my partner, being able to explore ideas and fantasies we wouldn’t usually consider.​ It’s been buxum brunette uses a penis pump on a guy great way for us to step outside the comfort zone and give us something to be excited and experimental about.​

The discussion around it often leads to an interesting debate on sexual roles.​ Male masturbation can be a great way to have those conversations and to challenge traditional notions of sex and gender roles without feeling too uncomfortable.​ Being able to comfortably talk about it with each other and within a wider group of committed couples around us has helped us to really develop a healthy positive relationship.​

The conversations that have happened as a result of male masturbation have been some of the most enlightening of our marriage.​ We’ve really explored some interesting notions about power dynamics, aggression, submission, and satisfaction.​ In a way, it has allowed us to have constructive conversations to really understand how to build trust, connection and that all too important intimacy.​ It’s made us realize that we both have different needs and it’s opened up a world of opportunities to explore them further.​

We’ve both been able to tap into a subject area that is not widely spoken about in our particular circle.​ We’ve become more comfortable discussing topics such as mutual masturbation, sado-masochism, dominance and submission.​ These topics, while not the most comfortable to talk about, help us to discover our boundaries and to support each other in areas we may need more time or understanding to explore.​

The fantastic thing about male masturbation is that all couples can enjoy it in whatever way works for them.​ Whether you prefer to play it safe or go all out, it can help to create a deeper level of intimacy between lovers, which can then spill out into every aspect of your relationship.​ We’ve learnt to be comfortable in our own desires and fantasies, and to be free to express them without judgement.​

Having such frank and open conversations has been an eye-opening experience.​ Listening to each others experiences and being able to share our own ins and outs of our sexual desires has been a real game changer for us.​ Not only does it allow us to better understand each other, and ourselves, but it has also brought a whole new level of intensity to our sex life.​ That intensity is what keeps it fresh and exciting, and what solidifies our bond as a couple.​