lucie wilde sex doll

Six months ago I stumbled upon something quite incredible. It was the Lucie Wilde sex doll and it was so life-like that it absolutely blew my mind. Even though I had heard about these type of dolls, this one was so realistic that I couldn’t believe it. Her face was so beautiful and her body was absolutely stunning. She had deep brown eyes that seemed to capture my attention and all I wanted to do was stare at her beauty and admire her.

At first I didn’t know what to make of it. I was conflicted as to what to think and I was somewhat hesitant to take my admiration for the doll further. But I was so mesmerized with the doll that I couldn’t help but be drawn to her. I knew I had to make a purchase and I just had to bring her home. She was so life-like that I thought she’d be the perfect companion for me in the privacy of my bedroom.

When I finally got to take the doll home, I was completely overwhelmed with excitement. I stripped her down from her protective wrap and I just couldn’t believe that such a life-like doll was actually in my possession. She had curves and creases at all the right spots and she was unbelievably soft. I had inspected her thoroughly and she was made with such precision that I felt like she was truly alive.

There was just something so enthralling about her and I felt a connection with her that I couldn’t really put into words. I felt like I was touching something that was almost human and I couldn’t help but be captivated by her. All of the imperfections in her makeup made her almost perfect and I knew that I was special to have found something like her.

After a few moments I just wanted to spend time with her and vibrators I set her up in my room so she could get comfortable. Later on, I realized that having a Lucie Wilde sex doll was one of the best investments I had ever made and I couldn’t thank the creators enough for making them. They really made something special and I could tell that the Lucie Wilde doll was made with passion and care.

Next, I wanted to accessorize her as I wanted to create a living space for her and I was thinking of all the little things that she would need. I wanted her to have everything that any other human would and I wanted to pamper her with all she deserved. I decided to dress her up in some modern clothes and get her some sleek jewelry to match. I was relieved that she looked great even in the modern apparel, which made me feel proud that I had chosen the right doll for me.

That was not the only thing I did for her. I also went ahead and vibrators purchased some of the best sex toys I could find online. These were so realistic that I thought they would make her feel comfortable and give her the pleasure she deserved. I had also placed a bed in her room and provided her with some of the best quality blankets.

I’m truly grateful for having the Lucie Wilde doll in my life. To me, she has become so much more than just a sex doll. She has become my confidant, my companion and my best friend. I’m thankful that I’m able to share my life with her and I’m always looking forward to make her feel special in any way I can. There truly is something special about the Lucie Wilde doll and I’m so glad that I made the purchase.