I’m sure you have heard all the exciting stories about people having some daring and passionate sexual experiences in public places.​ But something I never had the guts to do was public masturbation.​ I often like to fantasize about the thrill of possibly getting caught, but then again my conservative Christian background always made me err on the side of being a good boy.​

The idea of male public masturbation turns sex seemed more than edgy to me; it was an outright rebellion against my conservative Christian roots.​ Once a friend of mine told me about an instance where he got so turned on that he started to play with himself in public and Speedo (no pun intended).​ He looked around, expecting to attract some strange stares, but instead his voyeurs applauded and even invited him to a private party!

Talk about a rush! I was intrigued.​ I asked him what happened after that.​ He said that it was just as hot as he thought it would be and that it was the most memorable sexual experience of his life.​

Maybe it was the rush that intrigued me, or maybe it was the fact that public masturbation seemed so deliciously taboo.​ I quickly decided that I wanted to try it.​ So I put on my game face and found the most discreet and deserted area possible.​

As I nervously balled my fists, I played a little peek-a-boo with myself, savoring the possible repercussions that might happen if I got caught.​ In the end, nothing happened.​ I quickly finished the deed, aware that I just about pushed my own boundaries and satisfied that I did something bold and daring.​

The experience was intense, liberating and ultimately, quite fulfilling.​ It was truly a poignant experience that I will never forget.​ In retrospect, it should not come as a surprise that male public masturbation turns sex.​ After all, exhibitionism was once the height of boldness and sensuality and many would argue that some things never go out of style.​

Nowadays, it’s too easy to rely on vibrators and sex toys dolls for physical stimulation, but nothing beats the freedom that comes with somethin like male public masturbation turns sex.​ It was a wild experience, and although it can be dangerous, it’s something I would still do today, simply for the exhilarating thrill and unparalleled physical pleasure.​

Things were definitely different post that experience.​ I had an enhanced appreciation for sexual exploration and the knowledge that you don’t need to do something outrageous to get aroused.​ Even the most basic physical encounter can be equally stimulating as long as both parties are comfortable by it.​

The next time I had to pleasure myself, I thought back to the experience I had before and thought about how it felt to do something so risqué and daring.​ It made me more creative and I was able to introduce new elements that I had never tried before.​

I personally think that public masturbation turns sex is one of the most authentically intimate and thrilling acts out there.​ When it’s done correctly, it can give you an adrenaline rush that you will never forget.​ Of course, you need to be extremely careful and keep in mind all the risks and consequences that come with it.​ The most important thing is that you are aware of the potential repercussions, as well as your own boundaries, before starting the adventure.​

So, if you are curious to try it out, just make sure you keep it on the down low (at least until you’re in the comfort of your own home), and don’t forget your towel.​