I was recently handed an interesting case involving a legal mini sex doll. I can already tell you it was something unlike anything I’ve ever encountered as a lawyer. But I was more than willing to take on the responsibility. After all, I am a firm believer that no two cases are the same, right?

Vibrators Archives - Page 10 of 28 - SecretsBoutiques.comSo, the deal was this: A client had paid good money to purchase a legal mini sex doll, which is basically a scaled-down version of the traditional ones. However, something had gone wrong with the manufacturing process, leading to the mini sex doll being made in a questionable material. The entire experience had left my client feeling extremely betrayed.

I knew that the situation was a mess and that I was going to have to take immediate action. But before doing that, I had to find out as much I could about mini sex dolls and the legal implications associated with their usage. Spoiler alert: sex toys things were not as black and white as one may assume.

Turns out, although the legality of owning a mini sex doll largely depends on the region you are in, there are clear regulations all over the world that specifically forbid the production of mini sex dolls that contain features which may be construed as offensive or even unlawful.

Getting back to my client’s case, after doing a thorough investigation, I concluded that the materials used to make the legal mini sex doll had, in fact, violated a few of said regulations. That eliminated any chance of my client making use of the doll, even though he had shelled out quite a sum of money to have it made.

Having gone over all the facts, I felt I had the evidence I needed to prove that my client had been wronged. I was ready to take legal action and get him the reparation he deserved. Luckily, through my hard work and dedication, he received a refund and was able to move on with his life.

Once this case was taken care of, I felt accomplished. Not because I was able to prove my client’s innocence but because it helped me understand the delicate legal repercussions of owning a mini sex doll. And I’m not talking just about the ethical issues surrounding it either; there is also real, tangible legal repercussions too, and it is important to be aware of them.

These days, more and more people are buying mini sex dolls and often times they are unaware of the law’s restrictions. I am sure if they had the same knowledge I now have, many of them would make an informed decision and avoid any potential problems.

My advice? Read up on the local regulations and make sure you understand them if you are ever tempted to purchase a legal mini sex doll. There is no need to put yourself in a situation that could later lead to consequences you had no idea were coming your way. The key is to be educated and Penis Rings always do your due diligence.