how to use suction cums on dildos

I recently started using suction cums on dildos, and let me tell you – wow! This new toy has really changed up my bedroom activities. I’m here to explain what suction cums are meant for and why they make my dildo experiences so much better.

To start, a suction cup can be attached to the base of your favorite dildo and used to attach it to a surface. This makes it hands-free and allows for both more motion and easier use. With the suction cup, it’s like having free rein to explore all the interesting angles and depths a dildo has to offer.

The suction cups are made of high-quality material that can withstand lots of tugging and movement, so you don’t have to worry about them cracking or breaking. Plus, they create a near-perfect seal, meaning that – unless you want to – your dildo isn’t going anywhere until you’re tickled pink and done.

Burger King is giving away sex toys in \u0026#39;adult meals\u0026#39; for Valentine\u0026#39;s DayNot only that, but the suction cup is incredibly versatile. From the bedroom floor to a flat wall, you can experiment with any kind of surface you like. Plus, many suction cups are sold with an adapter that can help you attach your sex dolls toy to smooth surfaces, such as bathroom tiles or even a window! Isn’t that amazing?

Speaking from personal experience, nothing beats the sensation of having a dildo attached to a wall and being able to thrust continuously without ever having to stop and reposition. So much pleasure and freedom!

One thing to always keep in mind is that you should always use lube with your dildos when using the suction cup. The suction cup can create more friction and sometimes it can stick too tight if there is no lube. Lube also helps make the whole experience silky smooth and add an extra layer of pleasure.

Also, the suction cups are incredibly easy to disassemble. If you ever want to change the dildo, it’s a matter of seconds. Just pull up and attach the new one! This makes sure that you get the perfect toy to match your mood anytime you want.

That leads us to another great benefit to using a suction cup – you can use it with a variety of dildos. Many kinds of dildos come with suction cup plugs attached to them, making them compatible with any kind of suction cup you purchase. So if you’re in the mood for something different, you can quickly and easily switch to another toy.

Plus, the suction cup makes wearing compatible harnesses much more enjoyable. Instead of having to hold onto the dildo, you can just attach it to the harness, make sure that it’s secure and let yourself go! It can add so much extra pleasure to the bedroom.

Finally, I’ve come to appreciate the suction cup’s slightly phallic shape. It just adds a little something-something to your dildo, especially if you opt for one in a color that contrasts with your chosen toy’s shade. I think it gives a nice little detail that somehow makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

I hope you enjoyed this explanation of how to use suction cups on dildos and, more importantly, why you should use them. If you’ve been considering one for your toy collection, I hope that I’ve helped you make your choice. And now, don’t be shy: go out there and explore your wildest dildo fantasies!