how to not let dildos get lost in your butt

Whenever a friend tells me stories about how they lost a dildo in their butt I always cringe a bit. We’ve all heard horror stories of people getting rushed to the emergency room because a dildo was stuck in their anal cavity. Not only is losing a dildo in your butt truly embarrassing, but it can also be a difficult and potentially dangerous situation to fix. Here are some tips I use to keep the dildos in my butt safe and sound.

Delve into the World of Large DildosFirstly, I always make sure my toys are clean before and after every use. This not only keeps all my toys in tiptop condition but it also ensures any germs or bacteria won’t be hanging around. I make sure to use an antibacterial toy cleaner to avoid any kind of contamination.

Secondly, I make sure that the size of the toy is appropriate for my body. Buying a dildo that is too large can be dangerous – and according to my wise friend, the bigger it is, the harder it is to get it out again. I always measure the circumference of the toy and then compare it to the circumference of my anal opening. This way, I know I’m safe from any surprises in the bedroom.

Thirdly, I remind myself to be patient and to go slow. I make sure to use lube to get the toy inside and if it starts to hurt or pinch, then I know it’s too much. I highly recommend using quality, water-based lubes to aid you with ease of insertion.

Fourthly, I make sure the base of the toy is firmly secured before using it. If the handle isn’t properly secured, the toy can be sucked into the rectum, causing it to possibly slip further in. My go-to base is the bulbous base.

Fifthly, I listen to my body and take a break whenever I need it. I find that sliding a toy in and sex dolls out in the heat of the moment can quickly become lost in the mix, so if it starts to hurt I always take a break and start again when I’m ready.

And lastly, I make sure to associate my dildos and butt plugs with their own bags or boxes to keep them clean. This way, I’m always aware of where my toys are and know they’re stored away safely.

At the end of the day, the key to keeping your dildos safe and sound in your butt is to use common sense and be aware of your body’s needs. No matter how big or small the toy, if it doesn’t feel safe to you, it’s probably not the right one for you. After all, safety comes first!