how to make your boyfriend a sex toy

OK, so you want to make your boyfriend into a sex toy? Well, I’m going to talk you through how to do that, and even give you some tips and tricks for making it truly unforgettable.

First up, it’s important to set the scene. You want this to be an experience he won’t forget, so make sure the setting is perfect. Light some candles, and lay out a luxurious blanket or a big soft cushion — anything that will make him feel relaxed and comfortable. And don’t forget some lubricant (and maybe some massage oil) — it’s essential for a pleasant, fun experience.

Now you’re all set! But you don’t just want this to be a normal, boring time in the bedroom — we want something special. So, why not let your imagination run wild? Consider adding some props or costume pieces — it could be anything from a blindfold to a feather boa that will add a tantalizing edge to the experience.

It’s also a great idea to bring some toys into the bedroom. A vibrator or dildo can enhance your experience, giving you both even more pleasure. Plus they can make sure your partner is having a great time—it’s a win-win! And Penis Rings don’t forget to talk to each other — dirty talk can make the experience feel much more intimate and seductive.

Finally, don’t forget to make it fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously, and let yourself get carried away. laughter is a great way to bring the two of you closer together.

The best vibrators | EngadgetOK, now you’re ready to make your boyfriend into a sex toy! Now that you have the basics down, let’s take this to the next level.

One way to add a bit of spice is to bring food into the bedroom. Blindfolding him and having him guess what you were feeding him can add a thrilling element. Think of something delicious and sensual — strawberries, cream, honey or melted chocolate.

You can also bring some items of clothing into the mix such as body suits or panties. Teasingly putting it on him and then taking it off can be a great way to make things even more exciting.

Using props and items also adds something extra special to this experience. Why not bring a vibrator again, but this time use it as a torture device? Giving your partner a tantalizing massage with one can be incredibly arousing.

Role play can be another great way to make your boyfriend into a sex toy. Ask him to play a certain role and say certain lines or act a certain way. This can be incredibly empowering for both of you and you might find it to be incredibly liberating.

Sexual games can also add a serious wow factor to this experience. Taking turns to pleasure your partner using blind ropes and ticklers can be incredibly arousing. Plus, it’ll give you both a chance to find out more about each other and discover new ways to tease one another and drive each other wild.

Another way to make your boyfriend into a sex toy is to employ a bit of power play. Tying him up and using a whip or paddle are great ways to tighten the tension and have a seriously hot session.

Finally, engage in some sensual body worship. Take your time, starting at his feet, and slowly move up his body, using your fingers and mouth to make him shudder with pleasure.

So there you have it, my top tips for making your boyfriend into a sex toy. Just remember this is about having fun and sex toys ensuring you both enjoy yourselves. So, let your imagination run wild and get creative!