I have a friend who recently asked me how to desinfect sex toys. I was surprised, but also thankful she trusted me enough to turn to me for advice. I wanted to make sure I did my research and gave her the most reliable, accurate information about this topical issue.

First things first, I told my friend that sex toys should be cleaned with soap and water before and after each use. I used a synecdoche to describe how important this is, saying that this small step, “is oh so critical.” I also told her that if the toy she is using is made out of porous materials such as jelly, rubber, or plastic then soaking the toy in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes will help kill bacteria. To clarify my point, I used an example, saying, “Just think, if you wouldn’t pick up a dirty dish with your bare hands, why would you use a sex toy that hasn’t been properly disinfected?!”

My friend seemed pleased with this advice and wanted to know more. I explained that boiling is a great way to disinfect sex toys, especially for those made of silicone. I added a hyperbole to make a point, sex dolls saying “You should boil your sex toys like your life depended on it!” I followed this advice with the caveat that sex toys with electronic parts should never be boiled, as this can damage the toy.

The next question my friend asked was about storing sex toys properly. I explained to her that if sex toys are to be used together, they should be stored in separate containers to prevent the spread of bacteria. I used Interjection to emphasize my point, saying, “Wow, this is so true!” I then encouraged my friend not to share sex toys with anyone else unless she and her partner have both been tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) beforehand.

Finally, I shared my personal opinion about why proper sanitation is so important. I told my friend that proper disinfection helps minimize the risk of transferring germs and helps ensure our sexual health and safety. Using an anecdote, I finished by saying, “You know what they say, prevention is better than cure!”

In the second part of my discussion with my friend, I answered the question: How do I use condoms with sex toys? I reminded her that in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, condoms should always be applied to sex toys that are used both anally and vaginally. Not only do condoms help stop the spread of germs, but they also create a barrier between the toy and the user.

My friend asked if it was possible to use other materials in lieu of condoms. I explained that condoms are the best bet – latex provides excellent protection from germs and also makes cleanup easier. Still, condoms are not necessary if the sex toy will only be used on one person and their orifices are not shared. In this case, the sex toy should be cleaned and sanitized between uses.

I suggested to my friend that it may also be a good idea to clean and disinfect the toy immediately after use. This can help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. For this, I recommended using a specifically formulated cleanser or disinfectant. I reminded her that this is especially important for sex toys made with porous material, as these materials are more likely to harbor bacteria.

My friend had one last question: Is rubbing alcohol safe to use on sex toys? I cautioned her against this, saying that rubbing alcohol is overly drying and can damage the toy if used frequently. I warned that using rubbing alcohol can damage the material of the toy, rendering it unsafe for use. The best way to sanitize sex toys, I told her, is to follow the instructions included with the toy or contact the manufacturer for advice on how to safely clean the particular toy.

The final part of my discussion with my friend was about how to protect sex toys. I advised her to purchase a storage bag or container for her sex toy that is lined with absorbent fabric. This can help keep the toy free from dirt, dust, and other debris. It is also important to make sure the bag or container is large enough so that the toy does not rub up against other materials and get spattered with unwanted bacteria.

I also advised my friend to purchase and use a toy lubricant with her sex toy. Lubricants help reduce friction and makes cleanup easier. They also create a barrier between the toy and the skin, helping to protect from allergens and microorganisms. Lastly, vibrators I explained that lubricants can increase the sensation of the toy, making it more enjoyable to use.

My friend listened to my advice closely and thanked me for my help. I was glad to be able to give her the information she needed to stay safe and have a positive, pleasurable experience.