how to convince girlfriend to use dildos to stretch

My girlfriend’s never been too enthralled with sex toys, so when I suggested she use dildos to help stretch her kitty out, I was met with an uneasy laugh and a look of hesitant confusion. I knew I’d need to do some convincing if I was going to help her feel more comfortable and open up to the idea of using bedroom sex toys.

The first thing I did was focus on her well-being. I reminded her that trying new things in the bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that sex toys can provide new, exciting experiences, and even increased pleasure. Then, I took it a step further. I let her know that using dildos to stretch can also increase her stimulation and help her better prepare for more hardcore sex activities.

The truth is, I was banking on her actually enjoying the stretching portion. I know that something like stretching can be intimidating at first, but I was banking on the potential of enhanced pleasure and convenience that a dildo would offer to be the ultimate selling point. I was really hoping to make her realize that these aren’t just sex toys for pleasure – they’re also tools that can help her improve her skills in the bedroom.

So, I laid it all out on the table. I asked her if she’d be willing to try out a few different dildo stretching exercises and offered to demonstrate the stretches using a dildo to help ease her into it. I reminded her that if she isn’t into it, she can always opt out and try something else, but I wanted her to give it a chance. I promised to take it slow and support her the entire way.

Thankfully, she comes around and agreed to give it a try. We went slow and I was sure to always keep my word. We took things one step at a time and held hands through the entire process.

But, before I knew it, we were having a ton of fun with it. Her comfort level sky-rocketed and before I knew it, we were talking about different types of sex toys and the best ones for couples. We ended up having a wild night with a few of our favorite toys and we even put the dildos to use.

We talked for hours about how the sex toys gave us new experiences, provide pleasure, and even increased intimacy between us. Between all the laughing, joking, and praising each other’s technique, it’s safe to say that she came around pretty quickly.