hotschedules.​comealthy male masturbation

I recently discovered HotSchedules.​com, and it has completely changed the way I manage my masturbation habits.​ As a healthy, sexually active male, I understand the importance of regular masturbation, and HotSchedules.​com has made it so much easier for me to stay on top of my own personal self-care.​

Not too long ago, I was pretty clueless when it came to managing my masturbation habit.​ For sex toys one, I was completely unconcerned about the frequency of my sessions.​ I’d never consciously tracked how often or how long I was doing it – which is, of course, not ideal when it comes to staying healthy.​

Plus, I had never really considered the kind of environment I should create for each session.​ Sure, I’d throw on my favorite sexy movie and I’d always make sure I had an empty, comfortable bed.​ But I was never setting the stage, creating a space that was conducive to really getting the most out of my Ceremony.​ And after one too many masturbations where I never really felt satisfied, I decided it was time for a change.​

That’s when I heard about this fantasic resource called HotSchedules.​com.​ I was immediately captivated by the idea of tracking and scheduling my masturbation sessions – something I never even dreamed of doing before.​ For the first time ever, I felt I had the power to take control of my ritual and really maximize my pleasure.​

I love that HotSchedules.​com gives me the option of designing my own custom masturbation schedule that works with my individual needs.​ I can include my activity type, frequency, duration, location, and music to get the full masturbatory experience.​ I’m also able to track the levels of pleasure, pleasure-intensity, and satisfaction I experience with each session – so I’m better able to assess what I truly need to make my experience the best it can be.​

Best of all, HotSchedules.​com allows me to take my male masturbation experience to a whole new level by wearing soundproof cock rings and using erotic music.​ The soundproof rings not only provide intense stimulation, sex toys but they create a private environment for me to enjoy whatever fantasies come to mind – without upa phubble of judgement.​ With HotSchedules.​com’s combination of activity tracking and soundproof cock rings, I’m able to zone in on the fantasy world of my choice and experience intense pleasure that I wouldn’t be able to find in real life.​

The erotic music also does wonders for my masturbation routine.​ Different genres like hip hop, classical, jazz, and rock make it possible for me to drop into a more expansive state of being, allowing my body and senses to take me places my mind simply can’t go.​ With HotSchedules.​com, I’m able to customize my music selections and choose the perfect soundtrack to accompany my masturbatory session.​

Since finding HotSchedules.​com, I can honestly say that I have become a much more mindful, conscious masturbator.​ With the activities, schedules and other options they offer, I’m finally able to tailor my masturbation routine to my individual needs and maximize the pleasure and satisfaction I experience.​ Now, when I’m engaging in my sessions, I’m really able to take it to the next level and enhance my pleasure.​ HotSchedules.​com has truly revolutionized my experience as a healthy, sexually active male, and I couldn’t be happier.​