homemade husband wife sex doll

So I had a friend tell me about this amazing invention. He said, “Have you ever heard of a homemade husband and wife sex dolls doll?” I was so shocked and a bit grossed out at the thought of it, but since my friend was so excited I asked him to explain. He said that he had recently seen a homemade sex doll online that uses a rubber ball as the man’s part and a plastic bag as the female part.

The guy in the video says that he started with two rubber balls and cut one in half, before stuffing the two halves with cotton wool. He then used rubber glue to bind the top for a snug fit. He also created a plastic bag for the wife from a cardboard box, inserting the plastic bag into the box and using duct tape to hold it in place.

At that point, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I never expected this kind of creativity from anyone, let alone to make a homemade sex doll using everyday household items. It was a genius move.

After this, my friend told me that when the man uses his homemade sex doll, he can position the plastic bag at the top of the equipment and Penis Rings secure it in place. This led to my friend getting ultra creative, as he even made a ‘batteries not included’ sign for the doll.

I was amazed by his ingenuity and how he managed to create something that, when put together, actually looks like a sex doll from a distance. Not to mention that he also added some extra touches to make his creation look more convincing.

Overall, I have to admit that making a Husband and Wife Doll is an interesting activity. I can’t believe someone has actually put the effort into creating such a creative and fun project. If someone can pull off something like this, then I would love to see how they put it all together. Maybe I should give it a try as well?