do tsa’s check bags with dildos

So here’s a funny story: Last week I took my roller bag to the airport and got stopped at TSA. I was asked to pop open the bag and of course, I was a bit worried since I was unsure as to what could be potentially found inside. To my dismay, a TSA agent casually pulled out a dildo. I was mortified – my face was beet red with embarrassment! Fortunately, I managed to quickly explain what it was for -after which the TSA guy just kind of looked at me, gave me a shrug and sent me on my way.

It really got me thinking. How often do TSA agents come across people’s bags with dildos in them? Do TSA agents actually check dildos or just assume that they are toys and let people through?

To be honest, I think it depends on the agent. Some TSA agents might be more sympathetic – especially to people who are embarrassed and just want to get through the airport quickly. On the other hand, there could be more serious implications. For example, if the dildo’s package is open or there is some suspicion of it being used for an illegal activity, the TSA agent might be more careful and do more thorough security checks.

I mean, I know it may sound like a silly topic and I’m sure some people might think it’s hilarious, but this could actually be quite serious. People with dildos in their bags are actually taking a risk. If the TSA agent decides to do a thorough check, people need to be prepared to answer any questions and be transparent about the dildo.

In my opinion, it’s understandable that TSA agents might be more careful when checking bags with dildos in them. After all, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of other people in the airport and need to take the necessary precautions.

I guess all I’m saying is that if you have a dildo in your bag, be prepared to answer any questions about it and make sure you know the rules before you board the plane.

Next, I’d like to focus on the social stigma of people carrying sex toys in their bags. Unfortunately, many people still have a negative view of dildos and other sex toys. People can be quite judgmental and even make comments about it. Sadly, this can be extremely embarrassing for people.

That being said, I think it’s so important to normalise the use of dildos and destigmatise sex in general. In my opinion, no one should have to feel ashamed of owning a sex toy or be judged for having it in their bag. Everyone should be supported and have their privacy respected.

Moving on, I’d like to discuss the legality of dildos in different countries. Some countries actually have laws prohibiting the use of these sex toys, even if they’re not for public use. It’s important to research the rules and regulations in the country you’re travelling to before you board the plane.

In conclusion, it’s important to be aware of the laws and regulations concerning the use of dildos in each country, as well as the potential social stigma that can be attached to carrying sex toys in public. It’s also important to be prepared when going through TSA, as they may do a security check if they spot a dildo in your bag.

Now, when it comes to the practical side of things, it’s essential to take the appropriate measures to ensure your dildo can be transported discreetly. Buying a travel case specifically designed for sex toys will definitely help. It’ll enable you to transport your dildo without raising any suspicion or drawing any attention. The case might also come with double-zipper functionality, which is a great way to ensure your privacy.

Furthermore, it’s important to be familiar with the safety guidelines, especially when it comes to using dildos. Purchasing from a reputable supplier is always a good idea, as some suppliers may use materials that can be hazardous or even toxic. Often times, there may be specific instructions on how to clean and care for the toy. If you follow all these steps, you should have no problems at the airport.