do people usually get sex doll pubic hair

I know, it sounds strange, but yes, people do get sex doll pubic hair. The second I heard about it, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. What was this all about?! I have seen all kinds of sexy looks on dolls, but pubic hair was never something I expected to pop up on them!

But digging a little deeper in the conversations with people who’ve gotten sex doll pubic hair, I learnt that it is surprisingly popular. One sex doll enthusiast described it as the way to “rock your doll with a fresh new look.” He told me he had got it on his dolls because he liked the “earthy look.” Of course, I had to go find out what made him so interested in the pubic hair.

He said he liked the way it changed the dolls’ appearance from “being pornstar-level perfect, to being… normal.” This sort of captivated me, and honestly, that made perfect sense. After all, pubic hair does signify maturity, and with the era of hypersexualized dolls, something kind of “normal” seemed like it’d be a welcome change.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to hit a sex doll store to find out more. They told me about the ways of getting it on the dolls. Some companies offer the pubic hair with the option of the doll, dildos then others allow you to customize the dolls with different hair options. And the best part is that you can choose the color.

Not only that, these hair options were surprisingly good quality; just like real pubic hair. Also, they informed me that these sex dolls with pubic hair are 100% safe because all the materials used are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.

So, all in all, it was interesting to explore the nuances of sex doll pubic hair. It is not only safe, but it is changing the look of the dolls to make them look realistic. What’s even more interesting is that people are opting for this kind of customization, because it adds the touch of maturity and realism to their dolls.

Now, exploring further about sex doll pubic hair, I have come across videos and visuals that showcase the sex doll pubic hair in more detail. I found that it looks amazingly natural on the dolls and gives them a real-life look to them; which is nothing less than impressive. Not only the pubic hair is well-done to leave a realistic vibe to the dolls, but the facial hair, eyebrow hair, and the head hair give them the perfect look.

I have also stumbled upon special kinds of pubic hair options. It ranges from gold and white-silver-grey to different colors like pink and purple. I was curious to know how these different colors enhanced the doll’s appearance, and just as I thought they gave the dolls a unique look which was really impressive!

Realizing how intricate sex doll pubic hair could be, I was reminded of the fact that sex dolls are getting the same level of attention and detail, as the clothing people wear! From high-quality fabric, to the intricate detailing, people are actually investing their time and money in making their sex dolls look amazing.

I also heard the different ways people are taking care of the sex doll pubic hair. Just like our own, these hairs are made of plastic and need to be taken care of. People are using special lubricants and conditioners to keep the hair in one place and block the dust particles to stick onto them. These conditioning products actually work wonder on the plastic droplets and make sure that the hair is always in the place.

Going deep into the sex doll pubic hair experience, I learned that there are people who are treating it like a work of art! They are using different types of glue and adhesives to tweak the final product and make sure the pubic hair looks exactly like what they desired.

It is interesting to note here that the customization at sex doll stores has come a long way. From the regular styling of the hair, to adding pieces and accessories, and even pubic hair – sex doll stores have become so much more!

19 Of The Best Vibrators You Can Get On AmazonPeople are actually opting for complex makeovers on their dolls to make them look as realistic as possible. And why not? After all, it’s really cool to make a doll look like a real human by adding natural elements like pubic hair. It does give a unique real life feel to the dolls and personally, I think it is fascinating!