did somebody say mcdonalds meme dildos

IS 7246: Recommendations for use of table vibrators for consolidating concrete : Bureau of ...Well, did somebody say McDonalds meme dildos? Wow, I’m both excited, and perplexed. I had no idea such a thing even existed; I guess anything’s possible in this bizarre world of ours. I know what you’re thinking, what exactly is a McDonalds meme dildo?

To cut a long story short, it’s very basically a sex toy shaped to look like the iconic McDonalds arches logo. Everyone knows the golden arches; for some it’s a symbol of nostalgia. From happy meals as kids to taking the family there for vibrators dinner, it’s a brand that is widely beloved. Until now, I had no idea the logo could be converted into something quite so risque.

Now I’m not one to judge, different strokes for different folks and all that. If a person wants to spice up their love life in a creative way, why not? It’s certainly an unexpected little twist. But I’m sure a lot of people would find this idea strange, or even a bit off-putting – they wouldn’t want to associate something as oh-so-wholesome as McDonalds with a naughty item such as a dildo.

Surprising as it was though, I had to laugh. I mean, come on – McDonalds meme dildos? Who would’ve thought it? While it might not be for everyone, I think it’s a creative way to put a new spin on popular culture symbols. Sure, it was a bit of a shock to me, but I think it’s funny and even kind of genius.

On a different note, at least these dildos won’t be mistaken for junk food. I’ve heard horror stories of people unknowingly eating something that turned out to be an adult toy instead. This would certainly be an embarrassing experience. So if you want something a bit out of the ordinary, but without the risk of potential humiliation, the McDonalds meme dildo could be the perfect choice for you.

I’m always interested in different ideas, and this one definitely made me sit up and take notice. In the end though, I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. I may not personally be interested in buying one, but I’m sure there are some customers out there who will love it.