did cruz try to ban sex toys

Well, I hadn’t expected to be talking about this today, but it seems like Senator Cruz actually tried to ban sex toys. It really caught me off guard; I mean, who does that? It’s 2017, after all! I’ve heard it all now.

Anyways, it went down like this; some genius lawmaker in Texas introduced a bill that attempted to make it illegal for any person in the state to ‘promote’ or ‘demonstrate’ any kind of device that was meant to stimulate a person sexually. I’m not quite sure what the thinking was behind it but it was still a thing. And of course, it didn’t stand a chance in court.

To be honest, I kind of felt sorry for Senator Cruz; it seemed like he was trying to protect people from intimate ‘devices’ but it was just such an outlandish proposition. I mean, just because you don’t agree with or feel comfortable with something doesn’t mean it should be outlawed. That type of backward mentality just doesn’t work in modern society.

Plus, it’s kind of counterintuitive if you think about it; most people aren’t going to go on television and promote sex toys, so why would you make a law that didn’t really have a whole lot of benefit in the grand scheme of things? I’m sure though, that the lawmakers involved thought of it in the same way that most people did; as a joke.

Still, it’s unfortunate that they decided to waste resources and taxpayer dollars on such a foolish endeavor. It only serves to remind us of the important issues we face as a society and how leaders like Senator Cruz need to find better ways to address them.

Anyway, beyond this incident, I’m sure Senator Cruz will have a positive legacy; mainly because he has brought to light the importance of understanding personal rights. So, as much as I disagree with the proposed sex toy bill, I have to give him credit.

Now, let’s move on to the consequences of Senator Cruz’s attempt at banning sex toys. First, the economic consequences are quite significant. Many businesses would be unable to operate if such a bill had been passed; not to mention the millions of sexually adventurous individuals who would be unable to enjoy their intimate moments if the proposed bill had been successful.

Second, there would have been serious implications for civil rights. This bill would have essentially criminalized a perfectly natural activity that two consenting adults choose to partake in. Making something like this illegal would have been a glaring violation of the rights of those individuals.

Third, this situation would have impacted our constitutional rights. The U.S. Constitution provides us with certain protections that include the right to privacy, freedom of expression, and even the right to purchase and use sex toys. If Senator Cruz had managed to pass this bill, we would have all been subject to an infringement on those rights.

Fourth, it would have hindered progress in the field of sex education. We already know that the topic of sex is often considered a taboo and not many schools are eager to discuss it. If Senator Cruz had been successful in banning sex toys, it would have only added to the problem of substandard sex education across the country.

Finally, it would have had a negative effect on public opinion. This bill would have given the impression that Senator Cruz and those involved felt that sexual pleasure and Penis Rings exploration were immoral activities and should be outlawed. That is, of course, not the case and would have lead to mistrust and confusion among people.

To wrap up, we can conclude that Senator Cruz’s attempt to ban sex toys was misguided and would have had far-reaching implications. Luckily, the bill failed and everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Now let’s look at the moral implications of Senator Cruz’s actions. First off, by proposing a ban on something as harmless as sex toys, he was essentially implying that anyone who owns or enjoys them was engaging in immoral behavior. This kind of attitude is outdated and does not reflect the values or beliefs of the majority of the population.

Second, it sends a message that Senator Cruz and those involved have a skewed view of the world. It’s outdated to think that pleasure and exploration should be outlawed and that those who choose to partake in such activities should be shamed. This kind of attitude should not be tolerated in the year 2017.

Third, this proposed bill shows a blatant disregard for people’s privacy. By trying to make something like this a crime, it implies that government should have the power to dictate what people can and cannot do in their own bedrooms. This clearly violates the fundamental right to privacy that all citizens should have.

Fourth, it displays a lack of understanding of human nature. People will find ways to enjoy themselves and seek pleasure, regardless of what laws are set in place. Trying to ban something as harmless as sex toys will only lead to people looking for alternatives or going, even more, underground. This is not something that should be encouraged.

Finally, it is indicative of the hypocrisy that is seen in our legislators. We often hear them trying to ‘protect’ us from certain things and then, in the same breath, they propose bills that would cause more harm than good. This sends a confused message to the public about what is really being done in the name of our safety.

All in all, Senator Cruz’s attempt to ban sex toys was misguided and would have had far-reaching implications on our economy, civil rights, constitutional rights, sex education, and Penis Rings public opinion. Thankfully, it was unsuccessful and we were all saved from that disaster. But it has certainly left us with something to think about.