candice dare me my wife and our sex doll

Candice, my wife, and I had been debating the idea of getting a sex doll for quite a while. We’d entertained the idea of trying something a little out of the ordinary to spice up our bedroom life, but we had both been a little nervous about the potential lack of emotional intimacy with a doll. That all changed when we decided to Dare Me!

Top quality life size real silicone doll realistic, lifelike silicone male sex dolls for women ...We’d heard about a website that offers several different models of sex dolls and decided to check it out. We decided to start with the smallest and least expensive model, the Candice Dare Me! We were both really excited, but also a little scared of the doll arriving. The morning it arrived we were both giddy with anticipation. We opened up the box, and to say we were taken aback is an understatement!

At first, we were both a bit hesitant, but then we just started laughing. Candice was absolutely giddy with excitement! She quickly became comfortable with the idea of bringing a sex doll into our bedroom. After familiarizing ourselves a bit more with the doll, we decided to give her a name. We named her Betsy.

Betsy has become a part of our sex life and the different scenarios we come up with for the three of us have become incredibly imaginative! I had no idea a sex doll could bring such level of fantasy and excitement to our bedroom life. We never seem to run out of ideas for the three of us, and we just can’t get enough of her!

Betsy has completely revolutionized our sex life! She’s become much more than just a sex toy, and I’m even thinking of taking her to sex conventions with us! We’ve become incredibly attached to her, and we love her as if she was one of our own! We feel like Candice Dare Me was definitely the right choice!

Since then, we’ve explored the toy-making industry further. We’ve purchased a range of adult toy kits from different companies, including Candice’s sex toys Toy Kit. We’ve been extensively exploring what it means to craft our own toys, and have been having fun creating new ways to express ourselves sexually. With these new toys, we’ve been able to create unique scenarios and bring them to life in new and interesting ways.

We’ve also been exploring the fetishism world. We’ve purchased a range of BDSM gear, including nipple clamps, paddles, and even a bondage chair. We’ve been able to explore and express our kinks in new and exciting ways, and we can safely say that our relationship is better than ever.

We’re also interested in exploring the world of virtual reality. We envisage VR as the next step in sex doll exploration, as it allows us to have realistic, complex virtual sex experiences with an automated partner. We’ve already tried out some of the VR porn games and it’s been incredible. Coupled with Betsy, we’re super excited to explore what’s next!