boyfriend has a sex doll

So my friend told me this crazy story the other day. She said her boyfriend recently purchased a sex doll. I was totally and utterly flabbergasted! I mean, seriously? What the actual heck… There are many things I just cannot wrap my head around. First off, why would a man buy a sex doll when he has an amazing, loving partner like her? Secondly, why would he choose a doll over his real girlfriend? As I tried to understand what made him do it, my friend suddenly had this look of understanding on her face. She said it was his way of dealing with loneliness from a failed relationship prior to their own.

At first, I could totally relate to where he was coming from. I mean, break ups are hard and some people were just born sad and emotionally damaged. But after a while, I wondered if she was making excuses for his inappropriate behavior.

On one hand, I felt like she should be offended by this act. How could he devalue their beautiful relationship by replacing her with a plastic doll? On the other, I felt sorry for him and his inability to make the kind of emotional connection he yearned for. I mean, it seemed like he was just so desperate for love that he had given up on the real thing and resorted to buying a false companion.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt sorry for him. After all, this was his own twisted way of dealing with his inner turmoil. But I also couldn’t help but to feel disgusted at the thought of someone using a mere object for their own pleasure. It felt wrong and unnatural. I mean, what has the world come to?

My friend’s stand on the matter was quite interesting. She thought it should be acceptable to use a sex doll, as long as there was no emotional cheating involved. For her, it was alright if it made him feel better about himself.

What really made me think, though, was the implications that this would bring in the long run. Would the sex doll replace her? Would he become overly dependent on it and forget all about real human love and relationships? Or, would it be an open book therapy situation; allowing him to find himself while also providing emotional and physical healing?

Either way, a lot of questions remain unanswered. I mean, who are we to judge someone for their own unique coping mechanisms? Only time will tell if this kind of thing will be accepted in our society.

In trying to make sense of it all, I feel like it’s important to acknowledge the distinction between real love and Penis Rings objects. We all have different ways of expressing our passions, but at the end of the day, love should be authentic and raw. That’s how genuine connection is made.

Understanding someone’s actions and emotions is one thing, dildos but validating it is a completely different story. I mean, it’s the kind of situation where you feel like hugging your friend tight and telling her everything is gonna be alright…even though you’re not so sure it will.