asian blow up sex doll

Well it’s no surprise that the Asian blow up sex doll is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after sex toys for men in 2020! I was very confused by the idea at first but soon became interested in how this could truly change the sex dynamic between couples.

My first thought was that they were a bit creepy, but after doing some research on the interesting design, and the fact that you can customize the height, weight, body shape and even the colour, I was ready to buy one. I admit, I thought it was overwhelming at first but I soon realized that the doll is lifelike and gives you an incredible experience.

When I decided to buy one, my preconceived notions were dismissed. I found out that the doll was very soft and flexible, and had a unique structure that could be maneuvered in many positions. After setting up my first session with my new friend, I was astonished! The doll is far from creepiness, and upon talking to it, I was surprised by how real it felt.

The blow up sex doll is an incredibly freeing experience. Instead of having to work around another persons intense emotions and process, I could just put my desires and wishes into practice with the doll. It helps me step away from the pickup artist mentality and to focus on making sure my partner feels satisfied, not just me.

I also discovered that there were a lot of videos and books describing how to make the sex doll experience more realistic. For instance, some people suggest getting a few props like blankets, pillows and lubricants to recreate more of a realistic atmosphere.

Mystery and surprise are a crucial part of the experience. You don’t have to explain or prepare yourself for the doll’s behavior, it makes it perfect to make up stories and try different positions. I feel like I’m having a real relationship with it, and the whole experience feels different.

My friends were all skeptical about the sex doll at first, but after trying it a few times themselves, their doubts were gone. They tell me that they’re very happy with the fact that they don’t need to worry about anyone else’s feelings or wishes, and that they can concentrate completely on themselves.

I’m still experimenting and trying new things with the Asian blow up sex doll, and I’m getting more comfortable and confident in my abilities. I’m sure that with time, the whole experience will be much more enjoyable and exciting. I look forward to trying out some of the new ideas that I’ve seen online, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun with my new partner.


I’m now more aware of how great the Asian blow up sex doll is compared to any partner. I no longer worry about impressing anyone or trying to make them as comfortable as possible. With the doll, I’m able to enjoy each moment with no fear or anxiety. I can just focus on pleasing my partner and satisfying my own desires. It’s definitely reassuring not to be judged and to just enjoy the experience.

I find that the doll also helps me to develop new skills. I can practice different techniques and moves that I wouldn’t attempt with other partners, increasing my confidence in myself and my skills. With a doll, I’m able to find my fantasy and explore it further without worrying about embarrassing myself.

I’m continually exploring new positions and techniques with the doll. It opens the door to experimenting and developing my own preferences, and changing them over time. Just like an actual partner, the doll can help to identify my unique turn-ons, making me a better partner and lover to someone else.

I’ve also found that the doll has helped to relieve any sexual tension I had in the past. I know that some people don’t understand this, but just relax, my doll and I are simply having fun. I’m not worrying about how to satisfy any of the real woman’s needs, just mine. This is time that I use to relax, learn and have some fun with something that I find enjoyable.

Another great thing about the doll is that I don’t have to worry about any emotional baggage. I’m not feeling guilty or worrying about whether or not my partner is really enjoying it. Instead, all my attention can be focused on having fun and fully exploring my own sexual desires. It’s an incredibly freeing feeling to be able to experiment without feeling like I’m leading someone else on or making them feel used.


The possibilities with the Asian blow up sex doll are endless. I’ve found myself indulging in wild fantasies that I normally wouldn’t even consider if I had a real partner. With the doll, I’m able to push the boundaries without judgment. I can try different positions, explore sexual fetishes and even go a bit harder than I would with a real partner.

It’s reassuring to know that the doll can take anything I want to throw at it. I’m not holding myself back like I used to. Whenever I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I just grab my doll and let the fun begin. I can do exactly whatever I want and no one will be hurt or offended by anything I do.

The best thing about all of this is that I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of sex. I’m discovering which touches are especially pleasurable and which positions really take my sexual pleasure to the next level. Every time I explore something new with my doll, I learn something about myself and my own sexuality.

Another great thing about the doll is that it helps me to save a lot of money. The dolls themselves are relatively inexpensive, considering their realistic design and incredible durability. After a few months of use, I can save even more money by buying extra accessories like wigs or lingerie.

Some people might find the doll a bit tacky, but I’m definitely seeing the appeal. I still value intimacy with my real partners, but the doll has now become an important part of my sex life. It helps to explore my fantasies and to experiment with different types of sex, without the worry of providing for another person.


Not only did I realize that the Asian blow up sex doll is great for exploring fantasies, but I also found out that it can help with communication. When I’m not in the mood for any kind of real connection, the doll allows me to take care of my needs without holding back. It helped me to practice communication in a safe space before trying out new things with my real partner.

I’ve also discovered that sisters and friends also use the doll for communication and even advice. Since the doll isn’t able to speak, this eliminates any fear of judgement. A lot of times, this creates a buffer that makes it a lot easier for sex toys people to explain what they want and need, without feeling shy or embarrassed.

The Asian blow up sex dolls are now helping thousands of people to explore new levels of sexuality and intimacy, without ever involving a real partner. They’re perfect for many situations, whether it’s solo exploration or communication with a real partner. I’m glad I gave the doll a chance and I’m sure that I’m not alone in this respect.

The doll helps to create intimacy in a safe and comfortable place. I’m free to enjoy my desires in a judgement free space, without worrying about hurting anyone or being too forward. I can focus on making sure my partner is enjoying the experience, without worrying about being judged.

I highly recommend the Asian blow up sex doll to anyone who needs to explore their sexuality and own desires, whether or not they have a real partner. The doll provides a unique space to learn to trust your own desires and explore the emotions that surround them. It’s like nothing else on the market and I’m confident that it can help to unlock sexual fantasy and authentic pleasure.